Ghost Float

(Historic Haunted Pirate Cruise)

Climb aboard the Revenge for a fun and frightening sunset journey on N.C's only haunted historic pirate cruise. Sail the dark waters of The Crystal Coast, and return to the days of pirates and plunderers, See the actual sites, the beautiful wildlife & ponies,  and hear the local lore of battles, betrayals, shipwrecks and of course, ghostly spirits. 

Hear tales about Edward Teach (Blackbeard), the most feared pirate, his famous ship "Queen Anne's Revenge" as well as his rise and fall in piracy, You never know what could happen or appear while on board. Hear the lap of the water against the hull, feel the salt air blow against your face, where so many have perished and some just may have ghostly returns.. We promise, you will never see the legendary Beaufort Inlet the same way again!

(This spooky Cruise is Family Friendly & Appropriate for ADULTS AND CHILDREN AGE 8 AND ABOVE)